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When should my child have an exam?

The See To Learn program was developed as a way to assess the vision for 3 year olds. At the age of 3 most children are able to respond to simple testing procedures, but they have no way to tell you if they have a vision problem. They assume everyone sees the way they do.

The assessment will determine if the child is near-sighted, far-sighted or has astigmatism. The doctor will be able to determine if both eyes are working together properly.

See To Learn is a non-traumatic, often first visit, to the eye doctor for your 3 year old. The child gets an introduction to eye care in a pleasant way with stickers, a pizza coupon and coloring sheets. The parents receive a thorough explanation of the findings of the exam.

See To Learn assures that your 3 year old is seeing properly. It is also a great preparation for their full vision examination at age 5 before enrolling in kindergarten.

Since beginning with See to Learn in August 1997, our doctors have seen over 500 three year olds. See to Learn is offered 4 times each year in Norfolk. While the large majority of children pass the assessment with no problem, it is vitally important to reach the small percentage who do not pass.

There is NO CHARGE for the See to Learn visit. All you need to do is call (402) 371-8230 for an appointment.

Our next scheduled See to Learn Dates are:

April 8, 2014
July 8, 2014
October 14, 2014

Link to See to Learn Website